Commercial/Institutional Inspection

 Make a Well Informed Investment

Few properties are in perfect condition so before making a major investment or signing a lease it’s important to have the building professionally inspected. At Viewpoint Inspection, we understand the importance of timely scheduling, efficient turnaround and effective communication with property owners, brokers and managers. We’ll work with you to conduct your Commercial Inspection promptly so you can stop worrying about the details and get back to business.

What Does a Commercial Inspection Include?

Commercial properties have hundreds of mechanical and structural components. Our inspectors evaluate these components, inside and outside the property to provide you with the information needed to make important decisions. We’ll compile all significant findings in an easy to understand report including the following:

Exterior Components

Siding/Exterior Walls
Driveways/Parking Lots

Interior Components

Plumbing Fixtures
Electrical Systems
Heating/Air Conditioning

Structural Components


We consider various factors like age, occupancy and type of construction when determining the best way to evaluate your property to complete a quality inspection. We are commonwealth certified to conduct structural inspections so a separate report is not needed. In addition to a written report, our certified inspectors are available to personally review their findings and answer any of your questions.

The Importance of a Commercial Inspection

Whether you’re buying or leasing a commercial property, Viewpoint Inspection can help you make a well informed decision. If you’re looking to purchase an apartment complex or an office building, a thorough inspection can help you better prepare for tenants, and when considering a new retail space it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into before signing a lease. A Commercial Inspection can alert you to inadequate design or improper maintenance of plumbing or electrical systems – things that could easily go unnoticed without the help of a professional. Although not building-code inspection, it’s important to check for any substandard conditions or poor workmanship.
Our findings can help you prioritize any work needed to help save you from unexpected building expenses down the road. With Viewpoint Inspection, you can rest assured your money is well invested when it comes to commercial real estate.

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