Lead Sampling

(Field Sample Gathering & Laboratory Analysis)

Keep Your Family Safe

The older your home, the more likely it has lead-based paint. It wasn’t until 1978 that the federal government banned lead-based paint from housing so if your home was built prior to the 1980’s your family may be at risk. Viewpoint Inspection is proud to offer Lead Sampling tests to detect lead inside and outside of your home so that you can keep your children safe.

Hazards of Lead

Lead paint is most dangerous when it begins to dry, crack and peel. Paint chips turn to dust in your home which can be inhaled and ingested by small children whose little hands come into contact with everything. Lead exposure can have serious health risks, impacting children’s motor skills and causing cognitive impairment. For these reasons, the EPA recommends testing for lead if you have young children, you plan to buy or sell a home, or you’re planning to remodel.

Common Painted Surfaces Tested During an Inspection:


Doors & Door Trim


All External Trim

Schedule a Lead Sampling Test Today

When you schedule a Lead Sampling assessment with Viewpoint Inspection, our professionally trained inspectors will take inventory of all painted surfaces inside and outside of your home. We’ll perform a risk assessment to determine the presence, type, severity and location of any lead-based paint hazards. This includes a visual inspection of the residence to determine the cause of the paint deterioration, testing the deteriorated paint on surfaces that children come into contact with and testing household dust from floors and windows. We’ll also test soil from play areas and around your home’s foundation where paint from old siding may have chipped over time. If lead is detected in your soil, you may also want to consider a Water Quality assessment.

Viewpoint Inspection’s goal is to provide peace of mind to all home owners. So whether you’re buying or selling, or just want to test for lead before you remodel, call today.

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