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What is a home inspection?

stock-photo-13893476-autumn-homeA home inspection provides peace of mind. Purchasing a home involves major expense and commitment. No one wants to be surprised by a large unexpected expense related to their home. People want to be confident that the home they’re buying is free of any major flaws.

A home inspection involves a review of the overall condition of a house and the evaluation of any obvious or serious defects. It creates an overall picture of the health of the house so that the customer has objective information upon which to base a decision. It helps them understand how the health of the home is likely to progress over time.

A home inspector evaluates all of the major systems and components of the house, as well as anything that can be seen or touched. The home inspection report quantifies and communicates the inspector’s findings in a way that is understandable to the owner. The report provides recommendations on which things might need to be repaired or replaced.

When is a home inspection needed?

Before selling a home

Home seller inspection: the homeowner benefits by learning about any issues needing to be addressed before placing the house on the market. They are made aware of any specific issues that need to be corrected, which gives them plenty of time to make repairs.

A home inspection can streamline the sales process by helping the homeowner to proactively address any potential issues. Often the buyer will feel comfortable enough with the seller’s inspection to eliminate their own inspection. This can save both parties time and money.

Before buying a home

Home buyer inspection: the home buyer benefits from an unbiased opinion in order to better understand the condition of a home being considered for purchase.

Home inspection report

stock-photo-28162272-two-guys-working-on-laptopAfter conducting an inspection, we create a detailed inspection report including images of any potential issues.

Our certification to evaluate structural issues means that a separate structural inspection is not necessary. Any structural issues with the building can be included in the same report.

Upon completion, the customer may access this report online for seven years.

In addition to the written report, your inspector is available to personally review the report and answer any questions the customer may have. We are personally available for additional clarification even years after making an inspection.

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