Termite Inspection

With ViewPoint your home is safe from termites.

Termite damage repairs can cost you thousands. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our expert termite inspection services could save your home or business from an infestation before it’s too late.

These pests are persistent.

The microscopic size of termites allows them to tunnel, nudge, and crawl their way through openings as miniscule as 1/32 of an inch. Basement cracks, crawl spaces, concrete and wooden beams- what may hide from your eyes is a termite’s paradise. Because of this, termite damage has a knack for going unnoticed for years, even decades.

At ViewPoint Inspection, we’ve had the pleasure of aiding homeowners and small businesses find termites for over 18 years. Professionally trained, our team knows exactly where termites are prone to reproduce, and in what structural nooks and crannies they might work.

The ViewPoint Inspection Termite Warranty keeps you safe from termites.

Unfortunately, even after termite control services locate the infestation, termites may return, especially in the damp spring seasons when larger-winged termites known as “swarmers” may appear. Termites may find their way through very small untreated gaps in your home’s foundation, tiny spaces where they are less prone to being discovered.

Only with regular inspections and treatmet can can you be assured termites are positively controlled. We do not want you to worry that termites may be destroying your most valuable investment. In order to bring you mind peace and keep your investment safe, we recommend you consider our Termite Warranty.

The ViewPoint Inspection Termite Warranty also covers carpenter ants.

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